Changing SQL server collation after installing Server

As you may all know, Documentum Server requires you to have your database Case-sensitive. If not, you will get an error while creating repository. Usually you would make sure that you pick correct Collation while installing the server. If you forget, no need to panic. Here is the procedure to change collation on SQL server 2016 ( It is the same for any other version).

STEP 1: Stop the SQL server.

You can either go to your services and stop the service or you can simply run the command >> NET STOP  SQL Server (instance_name).

STEP 2 :  Open command prompt (as administrator) and navigate to the Binn directory. >>C:\\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server \MSSQL12.instance_name\MSSQL\Binn

STEP 3: run the following command

>sqlservr -m -s”instance_name” -q”SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS”

-m single user admin mode
-s sql server instance name
-q new collation to be applied

Ola! start your SQL server and check your collation.

Hope this helps someone!!